Welcome to the Nov 1st Pub Quiz


There are two rounds which need to be completed throughout the quiz. Both are PICTURE ROUNDS. The links to these are below, so you can start now. Don't forget to put your team name on each quiz!

Picture Quiz Rounds

London Underground Quiz: London Underground Quiz
US Election States Quiz: US Election States Quiz

First Half Rounds

TriBond Round: TriBond Quiz
The Film & TV Round: The Film & TV Round
The Geography & Nature Round: The Geography & Nature Round

The Music Round - Name That Artist

IMPORTANT: Bonus points are available for the link between the songs. As soon as you have the answer shout out in the video call, and then text it to: 07814528626 with your team name!

Guess on songs 1 - 4: 5 Bonus Points
Guess on songs 5 - 8: 4 Bonus Points
Guess on songs 9 - 12: 3 Bonus Points
Guess on songs 13 - 16: 2 Bonus Points
Guess on songs 17 - 20: 1 Bonus Point

The Music Quiz: The Music Quiz

If the music quiz doesn't work then we'll stream it below:

The Final Decider

The General Knowledge Round: The General Knowledge Round